2 de junio de 2011


I flew on Franceair, flight number FR9806.
I stayed in París for  three days.
First day: I went to the Tower of París. It is very big ,very old and very beautiful.

 Second day: I went to the entrance in Disneyland is one of the beautiful, largest parks in  París.

 3rd day: I went shopping Amazing Shopping Mall At Paris.It is very big ,in has got clouthes shop ,restaurant and sports shop.
last I like París.

7 de mayo de 2011

Comparing Girona And Barcelona airport

The closest airports to Salt are Girona and Barcelona. Do you know them? Have you ever visited them o traveled from or to them?
Yes, I know them but I visited and travelled only from Barcelona airport. I never seen Girona airport.
There're many differences: the Barcelona airport is bigger than Girona airport. In the Barcelona airport there're 80 shops and restaurants in opposite in the Girona airport there're only 5 shops. At the Barcelona airport there're three terminals but at the Girona airport there're only one terminal.At the Barcelona airport we can go by bus, train, taxi or by car and at the Girona airport isn't any train station so we only can go by bus, taxi or car. The Girona airport has a Duty free multi shop, 2 food stuffs shops, a book, food and gifts shop and a Newsagents shop..On Barcelona airport terminal 1 is an attractive space where we can make our purchases, enjoy a large selection of restaurants and cafeterias, comfortably wait in VIP lounges or make use of its Business Centre. We can buy gifts and many many more.

1 de mayo de 2011


 1. List the movements in the game.
    -He went to the information desk.
    -He went up to the first floor, to the duty-free shop area.
   - He went to the passport control and he found soldiers.
   - He went back to the duty-free shop area and tried to find the janitor.
   - He found the janitor. He gave him information and they heart an attack.
   - They went back to the passport control and found the soldiers dead.
   - They took a walkie- talkie and they entered to the ventilation tube.

   - The ventilation tube was very small but he could move.
   - The janitor was giving him every information on the walkie-talkie.
   - He Saw throw the grills and there were nobody in the room.
   - He arrived to another grill and he saw a doctor and a nurse in the room.
   - They were vampires and they were talking about convert the humans in    vampires.
   - He have found the waiting room. There were a doctor, a nurse and four women sitting on the chairs.
   - He entered in control passport, there was a door and it was locked. For open the need keys and the keys were in the medical office.
   - He went to the sports shop for buy a fishing rod but he couldn't because he hadn't any money but he had  travellers cheque so he went to the bank for exchange them in money.
   - He came back in the sports shop and buy a fishing rod.
   - He went to the medical office for fishing keys.
   - He got the keys and went to the passport control and open the door.
   - He had not all things for look like as a doctor so he went to the shops for buy everything.


For give directions:-
   -  Go straight on Seguir recte
    -Go pass the first trafic light =Anar passar el primer semàfor 

    -Turn left = Gira a l'esquerra

    -Turn right = Gira a la dreta

    -Turn half the roundabout = Gira a la sala de la rotonda
For ask directions:
I want to go first to the bookstore and then to the jewelry store. How can I get there ?
 - First, leave to Train Station, then, go straight on Pine Street and turn right on   Oak street. The book store is on your right side front of movie theatre. And for   get to the jewelry store, leave the book shop and go straight on pine street, then turn left on main street and go straight on. On the Hill Avenue's corner there's an Italian restaurant and the jewelry store is next to Italian restaurant.

-Excuse me , how can I get to Police Station ? Please!
   - Well , go straight  on Pine Street and turn right on Mine Street , then ,go   straight on Memorial Drive.The Police Station is on your left .

14 de marzo de 2011



                            6 cups milk
                            3 tablespoons fresh lime juice
                            2 1/2 cups white sugar
                            6 cups water
                            1 teaspoon ground cardamom


  1. Bring the milk to a boil in a heavy-bottomed pan till it starts foaming; immediately add the lime juice and stir. It will curdle right away. You should see the milk solids (chenna) separate from the whey. Pour into a colander lined with cheesecloth; rinse the chenna with cold water to get rid of the lime juice. Allow the water to drain completely.
  2. Gather the muslin cloth edges like a parcel and express as much water as possible; what you now have is soft paneer. Turn the paneer onto a rolling mat or other smooth surface. Knead the paneer well to make a smooth paste. Roll into a ball and divide into 20 equal portions.
  3. Bring the water to a boil in a pressure cooker; stir the sugar into the boiling water until dissolved.
  4. Roll each portion of paneer into a smooth ball between your palms, making sure there are no cracks; gently drop the balls into the hot syrup. Secure the lid onto the pressure cooker and bring to pressure. Reduce heat to medium-low and pressure cook for 6 minutes.
  5. Release the pressure from the cooker while running under water; remove the lid. The rasgullas should be floating on the syrup and have expanded 2 or 3 times in size. Pour the rasgullas and syrup into a bowl. Gently stir the cardamom into the mixture. Refrigerate to chill completely before serving cold.